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fuuuckin kitty xD

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      Anonymous asked "They have been called up but JJ isn't getting caps and neither is Nae"

      Yes, I’m aware of this which is why I chose them when asked which players I think /should/ get a call up.

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          Anonymous asked "Crystal Dunn has already been called up the national team"

          Yes, so has Johnston & Naeher

            Anonymous asked "Is this real life? Or am I dreaming that Arsene is signing so many players"

            It feels like a dream, doesn’t it? 

            Dear Arsene, 

            Sign a defensive midfielder so I know it’s real.

              Anonymous asked "Top 5 NWSL players who should get a look by the national team?"

              Oh this was definitely sitting here for a while sorry about that, anon!

              1. Julie Johnston
              2. Keelin Winters
              3. Crystal Dunn
              4. Alyssa Naeher
              5. Kealia Ohai

              (Those are off the top of my head in no particular order so I may be forgetting someone.)

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                  Arsenal ‘Victorious’ Away kit

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