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      Megan Rapinoe

      (USWNT open practice in San Diego 9.4.14)

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              Match Preview: Reign FC vs Washington Spirit

              Keelin Winters and Laura harvey give you all the info you need before Wednesday night’s match against the Washington Spirit from Memorial Stadium.

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                  "She’s very loving. She’s very caring. She’s very funny, one of the funniest people I know aside from myself. She has this confidence about her that’s very attractive to all types of people. Like every type of person. She has this attraction, she brings everyone. When she talks, everyone wants to listen." - Syd on Pinoe
                  "She’s like so beautiful and super girly. Eyelashes and her hair done. But then she’s such a badass, just kicks so much butt on the field. She has this funny, smart witty humor about her. For me, I mean I’m not going to date you. That’s something that’s super attractive that you have, not a lot of people have both. She has this like tomboy but then can spruce up." - "Pinoe on Syd

                    Watching the Reign videos just make me realize that I chose the right club to support. Seattle Reign forever.

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